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Privacy notice

1. About Fraport Brasil 

Fraport Brasil - Porto Alegre and Fraport Brasil - Fortaleza are subsidiaries of Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, one of the leading companies in the global airport market, offering a full range of integrated management and consulting services.

Fraport AG, owner and operator of the Frankfurt Airport, Germany's largest airport, is a highly experienced airport operations company. Its portfolio includes 30 airports worldwide.

In an international bidding process, the federal government granted concessions for four airports in Brazil. Fraport AG won the concession for the airports of Fortaleza and Porto Alegre for the next 30 and 25 years, respectively. Fraport Brasil - Fortaleza and Fraport Brasil - Porto Alegre were then established in the country with the goal of creating two modern, efficient and customer-centric airports.


2. Who is in charge of personal data processing (Fraport’s DPO)?
Our DPO is Mr. Edgar Nogueira. You can contact him at: fraportdpo@fraport-brasil.com.


3. Data Collection, Use (Processing), Protection, and Retention Period

At Fraport Brasil, we collect personal information, including images and biometric data (when applicable) of our employees, airport users (passengers or visitors), business partners (vendors and clients), and users of our websites, whenever necessary to fulfill our obligations to the local airport and civil aviation authority (National Civil Aviation Agency, ANAC) or to meet legal requirements and comply with internal processes.

All personal data collected by Fraport Brasil under Brazil's General Data Protection Act (LGPD) for specific purposes is kept in internal servers and, occasionally, in duly hired external servers and is secured by the most robust protocols to make sure they remain private and inviolable. Fraport Brasil has taken every precaution and followed the industry's best practices to ensure that no personal data is ever misplaced, usurped, improperly accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed. 

Fraport Brasil and its associated companies keep the personal data in their database for the duration of their contractual relationship with the data owners or, when required to fulfill a regulatory and/or legal obligation (such as a lawsuit), for the time specified by the appropriate legislation and their internal policies.

Personal data sets may be eliminated upon the data owner's request, unless any legal case exists that justifies preserving said data. In that case, the owner will be informed of the reason why their data cannot be deleted.

For more details, see the chart below:


4. Cameras 

Fraport Brasil has cameras installed in its airports to control and monitor passenger traffic. The collected footage is stored and kept confidential to ensure the privacy of the individuals whose image was captured by any of the several cameras spread across our airport facilities. 


5. Legal Bases

At Fraport Brasil, the aforementioned personal data is collected based on Article VII of Brazil's General Data Protection Act (LGPD) in the following cases (legal bases): 
(i)    Consent
(ii)    Legal Requirement
(iii)    Research
(iv)    Performance of a Contract
(v)    Health Protection
(vi)    Compliance with Legitimate Interests
(vii)    Credit Protection


6. What are your rights?

Brazil's General Data Protection Act (LGPD) states that personal data owners have the right to: 
(i)    Confirm that processing occurred
(ii)    Access their data
(iii)    Rectify incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data
(iv)    Anonymize, restrict or erase unnecessary, excessive, or unlawfully processed data
(v)    Move their data to a different service or product supplier upon explicit request
(vi)    Erase their processed data with the user's consent
(vii)    Be informed about public and private entities with which the controller shared their data
(viii)    Be informed about the possibility of refusing consent and the consequences that such refusal may entail, and
(ix)    Withdraw their consent. 
In order for data owners to exercise the above-mentioned rights, Fraport Brasil has created a Privacy channel (click here) where they can make requests under Brazil's General Data Protection Act (LGPD), so long as they provide the following information: full name, taxpayer ID, nature and duration of their relationship with Fraport Brasil, and in which Fraport Brasil-managed airport(s) that relationship was established. Fraport Brasil will make every reasonable effort to fulfill its data owners' requests as expeditiously as possible. However, while justifiable factors may delay or prevent a quick response, if such is the case, Fraport Brasil will provide the personal data owner the reasons why their request was held back.
Lastly, personal data owners must be aware that their request may be legally rejected, be it for formal reasons (such as the inability to verify their identity) or legal reasons (such as when Fraport Brasil has management rights over the data they want deleted), and should it not be possible to fulfill their request, Fraport Brasil will provide those personal data owners the reasonable justification.


7. Changes to this Privacy notice

Fraport Brasil reserves the right to modify, update, and add provisions to this Privacy notice at any time. For this reason, we recommend that you refer to it regularly. Changes and clarifications will be valid immediately after being posted to Fraport Brasil's websites. Furthermore, if any change, update, or addition is made, Fraport Brasil will indicate so along the text so you can easily identify it.