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Terms and conditions of use

General Terms and conditions of use


1. General Provisions

1.1       The Porto Alegre Airport website at www.portoalegre-airport.com.br (Airport Portal) is run by:

Fraport Porto Alegre

Av. Severo Dulius, 90.010

São João, Porto Alegre – RS

CEP 90.200-000 - Brasil

CNPJ: 27.059.460/0001-41

Phone: +55 (51) 3358-2000

E-mail: ouvidoriapoa@fraport-brasil.com

(hereinafter referred to as "Fraport").

1.2.      These Terms and conditions apply to all interactions between Fraport and users of the Airport Portal, unless special terms and conditions or deals or agreements with other providers using the Airport Website introduce more specific provisions for other services (such as parking lots, stores, or airlines). The terms and conditions applicable in each case may also be viewed in the Airport Portal and linked provider pages.

1.3.      Business terms and conditions deviating from, contradicting, or complementing the present Terms and conditions of use will not be part of the agreement, unless Fraport explicitly agrees otherwise in writing.

1.4.      Fraport reserves the right to amend the present Terms and conditions of use to account for future commercial, legal or technical developments.

1.5.      Changes concerning the purpose of the contract will only be implemented when reasonable from the user's standpoint, making allowance for Fraport's interests. More specifically, changes will be considered reasonable from the user's standpoint if they respect the limits of usual internet practice and do not discriminate users, violating the principles of good faith.


2. Scope of Services

2.1.      The Airport Portal is offered by Fraport free of charge so users can obtain information and services relating to the airport.

2.2.      If Fraport does not provide the services mentioned in 2.1, Fraport does not become the user's contractual partner. Fraport holds no responsibility for third-party services (such as airline or store sales) hosted on the Portal. Any complaint about those services must be submitted to said third parties.

2.3.      Fraport plans for the Airport Portal to be a long-term operation. However, users have no legal right to its future use. Should Fraport decide to no longer operate the Airport Portal, Fraport shall notify users of its intention in advance via the Portal itself.

2.4.      Fraport reserves the right to change, expand or reduce the content, structure, and design of the Airport Portal within the scope of current internet practice.

2.5.      Fraport has the right to temporarily limiting the Airport Portal's usability, its individual features, and the access to it, if there are legal or technical reasons to do so. More specifically, these technical reasons include, but are not limited to, maintenance work, underlying software updates, and measures to ensure the Portal's safety and integrity.


3. Conduct on the Airport Portal

3.1.      The Airport Portal and its underlying databases may be used only as intended by Fraport. More specifically, the information therein contained may be accessed only via an internet browser.

3.2.      The following actions are prohibited:

a)         evade or disable features of the Airport Portal (such as search windows) or otherwise tamper with it in any way and, particularly, take any action that may overload its infrastructure

b)         block, overwrite or otherwise change the content produced by Fraport, or

c)         use automated systems (such as algorithms or machines) to obtain privileges or explore vulnerabilities of any kind.

3.3.      It is also prohibited:

a)         to act fraudulently or deceitfully

b)         to distribute, initiate, or advertise spam, chain letters, or pyramid systems

c)         to collect or in any way obtain and store information of or about other users—especially e-mail addresses—without their permission, or

d)         to send or enable access to viruses or other harmful software that could impair or damage Fraport’s websites or other users' computer systems.


4. Consequences of Violations

4.1.      If concrete evidence is found that these Terms and conditions of use, or that laws or other legal provisions, or that the rights of third parties have been violated, Fraport reserves the right to take legal action against the violator.


5. Intellectual Property

5.1.      The content (texts, images, graphs, etc.) and information on the website are the intellectual property of Fraport or the providers. Reproducing, disseminating or otherwise publicizing or processing them without the rights owner's consent is prohibited. Using said content will only be permitted upon written consent by Fraport or the provider in question.


6. Limited Responsibility

6.1.      Fraport takes no responsibility for the attributes, safety or legality of the products advertised by providers.

6.2.      Insofar as Fraport's responsibility is limited or excluded, so is that of their employees, representatives, and agents, individually.


7. Links

7.1.      Whereas the Airport Portal hosts links to third-party websites, Fraport takes no responsibility for their content. The information provided is not provided by Fraport. The content of websites that may accessed via an external link is the sole responsibility of their operators and providers. Only the latter are responsible for ensuring that data privacy regulations are observed when those websites are used.


8. Governing Law and Language

8.1.      The Portuguese-language version of this contract is legally binding.

8.2.      All items in document are governed by the laws in force in the Brazilian legal system. For all matters concerning the interpretation of, compliance with, or any question about these terms of use, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Porto Alegre, except for complaints by users who fit the legal description of consumer, who may file such complaints with their local courts.