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Procedure for press activity at the airport


Fraport Brasil – Porto Alegre informs that all video recordings, photos, interviews or any other press activity conducted at Porto Alegre Airport must be authorized according to the procedures below:

  • For press to photograph or film at the airport facilities, you need to request authorization by sending an email to imprensapoa@fraport-brasil.com. Inform the date, time, period, the areas you would like to access and the reason, with at least 24h in advance, for non-restricted areas (e.g. lobby).
  • We emphasize that schedules should be strictly followed, otherwise the activity will have to be reschedule.
  • In order to ensure the operational safety, Fraport Brasil does not allow access to the restricted areas of the airport (runway, departure/arrival halls) and also to places in which there is some kind of infrastructure works for photos or recordings. This is a business positioning of Fraport in Brazil, so that we can keep the same treatment for all such requests.
  • For requests referring to advertising campaigns, please consult the values ​​with our Commercial area.

Fraport will analyze each request and reserves the right to deny authorization in case it does not agree with the conditions of the activity. These measures ensure the airport operating safety, organization and the customers’ comfort. Our priority is to ensure passengers’ and airport users’ well-being and safety, which is a non-negotiable asset.


E - mail: imprensapoa@fraport-brasil.com 
Contact: +55 51 98042-1276 - Monday to Friday8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.