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Passenger guide

What services are available at the airport?
Porto Alegre Airport offers various services to passengers and users, including shops, restaurants, currency exchange, parking, airline stores, and free Wi-Fi.

What is included in the airline ticket?
Each airline offers different services. So before purchasing your ticket, make sure to check which items are available. 

What is boarding fee?
The bording fee is an amount charged by the airport management to maintain the infrastructure, such as departure areas, aircraft aprons, elevators, escalators, restrooms, equipment, among others. This fee is added to flight ticket prices by the airlines and transfered to the airport management. 

Can I buy an airline ticket at the airport?
Some airlines have stores at the airport and allow you to purchase same-day tickets. Contact the airline to know more.

Can I cancel the ticket or change the travel date?
If you want to change the date or cancel the trip, make sure to contact the airline and check the conditions under the contract you entered into with the airline when you purchased the ticket. 

What is a direct flight?
In a direct flight, the aircraft lands in one or more cities before the final destination, to refuel, drop off or pick up passengers. Passengers must not disembark before their final destination, but rather stay on the aircraft and wait for it to take off again. 

What is a connecting flight?
In a connecting flight, passengers disembark at the airport that is not their final destination and board another aircraft to reach their final destination.

Which documents do I need to travel in Brazil?
All passengers must have an official, valid photo ID (such as an identity card, driver's license, or passport). For children, make sure to check the current legal requirements and additional documents. Passengers must also have a valid boarding pass. Only boarding pass holders are allowed in the boarding areas. Student identity cards and work cards are not accepted as identification documents. Always check the details with your airline.

What about international flights?
For international flights, in addition to a valid photo ID (passport), passengers should check the requirements of the destination country – such as minimum passport validity, entry or transit visa, vaccination certificate, among others – in order to avoid inconveniences.
Some countries in South America allow Brazilian passengers to enter with a valid Identity Card (RG) in good condition, without the need of a passport. Contact your airline for more information.

I am a foreigner travelling to Brazil. What documents do I need?
Passengers of other nationalities must present: a passport, a Foreigner Identity Card – CIE (RNE), a Diplomatic or Consular Identity Card, or another travel document accepted under international agreements signed by Brazil. Make sure to check your document’s expiry date.

Travelling with money
For information on travelling with money (cash or traveler's check), both when entering and leaving Brazil, check whether you need to fill out the Traveler’s Electronic Declaration of Goods (e-DBV), on the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service website: www.edbv.receita.fazenda.gov.br.

The first step
Your flight is confirmed through a process called check-in. When you check in, your boarding pass will be issued, containing all flight information (time and seat number). You can check in at the airline counter, online using the airline’s website or a mobile application, or at self-service totems at airports. 

Access to the departure area
Access to the departure area is allowed eight hours before the flight for domestic flights and four hours for international flights.

Boarding time
You can find the boarding time on your boarding pass. Pay attention to it, as it is always earlier than the scheduled departure time. After checking in, passengers must go through the security screening checkpoints and proceed to the gate. 

In the departure area
Passengers must check their flight’s boarding time and gate number on the various displays across the terminal. Both the departure time and the gate may change at any time. After being called to board the aircraft, passengers must present their boarding pass and identification document.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?
In case of delay, contact the airline that should offer you assistance. 

What should I do if my flight is cancelled?
In case of cancellation, the airline must offer passengers assistance, accommodation options, or a refund. 

What happens if the airport stops operations due to bad weather?
Weather conditions can impact airport operations and delay landings and takeoffs. As a consequence, flights may be diverted to other airports or, in the case of departures, remain on the ground until the weather conditions improve and operations are resumed. 

What is overbooking?
Overbooking occurs when the number of passengers boarding a flight exceeds the capacity of available seats on the aircraft.

Passengers with special assistance needs

Who are passengers with special assistance needs and what are their rights?
Passengers with special assistance needs are those who have a disability, aged 60 years or over, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people accompanied by a child, people with reduced mobility, or anyone who has limited autonomy due to any specific condition. These passengers are entitled to special assistance.
According to resolution nº280/2013, these passengers must:

  • Inform the airline of the assistance required when purchasing the flight ticket.
  • If you need an escort, make sure to inform the airline at least 72 hours in advance before the scheduled departure time.

For more information, see ANAC Resolution No. 280.

When does a passenger receive special assistance?
Passengers receive special assistance from the airline at various moments during their journey. 

Are passengers with special assistance need entitled to an escort?
When a passenger’s condition requires an escort, such request must be made to the airline 72 hours in advance before the flight.

How do I request assistance?
Passengers who need assistance must inform the airline, at the time of purchasing the ticket, the type of special assistance they require (technical assistance, escort and/or use of supplemental oxygen, for example). 

Passenger assistance equipment and services at the airport:

Mobility equipment

  • Eight manual wheelchairs.
  • Eight baby strollers.
  • One stairlift for going up and down stairs.

Accessible toilet facilities

  • Twelve accessible toilets in the public area, four on the 1st floor, four on the 2nd floor, and four on the 3rd floor.
  • Eleven accessible toilets at domestic departures, two on the 1st floor, seven on the 2nd floor, and two on the 3rd floor.
  • Three accessible toilets at international departures, one on the 2nd floor, and two on the 3rd floor.
  • Two accessible toilets at domestic arrivals, on the 1st floor.
  • Five accessible toilets at international arrivals, on the 1st floor.

Drinking fountains

  • Two accessible drinking fountains in the public area, one on the 1st floor, and one on the 2nd floor
  • Four accessible drinking fountains at domestic departures, three on the 2nd floor, and one on the 3rd floor.
  • One accessible drinking fountain at domestic arrivals, on the 1st floor.
  • One accessible drinking fountain at international arrivals, on the 1st floor.


Airport curbside
Click here to know more about curbside parking if you need more than 10 minutes for curbside passenger drop-off and pick.

What is carry-on baggage?
It is the baggage that passengers carry with them onboard. Each airline has its specific weight and size requirements. To know more, contact your airline before boarding.

What is checked baggage?
Checked baggage is carried in the aircraft hold. 
It is an additional service offered by airlines. Passengers can choose whether they wish to purchase baggage allowance.

What is unaccompanied baggage?
Unaccompanied baggage is shipped as cargo.

What is baggage allowance?
Baggage allowance refers to the weight and number of items passengers can bring on a flight. It may vary depending on the airline. 
Check the weight and size requirements before traveling.

Can I take luggage with me inside the aircraft?
Carry-on luggage is permitted under certain conditions. Contact the airline to learn more.

Can I bring baby food or a special meal in carry-on luggage?
Passengers can bring baby food (liquid or paste) and liquids for special diets in the quantity necessary for the flight (including stopovers) and must present them to security officers at the time of security screening. Rules regarding baggage limits vary depending on the destination country. 
If you have questions, contact your airline.

What items are prohibited in carry-on luggage on domestic flights?
Sharp or piercing objects, firearms and other devices that fire projectiles, neutralizing devices, work tools, explosive or flammable substances, as well as chemical and toxic substances are not permitted inside the aircraft. 
If you have questions, contact your airline.

What items are prohibited in carry-on luggage on international flights?
In addition to sharp or piercing objects, firearms and other devices that fire projectiles, neutralizing devices, work tools, explosive or flammable substances, as well as chemical and toxic substances, containers with liquids larger than 100ml are also prohibited, even if they are not full. 
If you have questions, contact your airline.

What items are allowed in carry-on baggage on international flights?
You are allowed to bring liquids, including gels, pastes, creams, aerosols, and the like, in containers that are 100ml or less per item.
All containers must be placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag that holds no more than one liter. The containers must fit comfortable inside the sealed plastic bag, which must be presented for visual inspection. Only one plastic bag per passenger is permitted.
 If you have questions, contact the airline in advance.

What items are prohibited in checked baggage?
You are not allowed to pack explosive, flammable or toxic substances in your checked baggage. 
If you have questions, contact your airline. 

How can I check large items like sports equipment and musical instruments?
To check larger objects, passengers must contact the airline in advance to learn more about the conditions. Luggage that does not meet the rules established by the airline may be refused or shipped as cargo.

Can I board the aircraft with products purchased at the duty-free shop?
Passengers are allowed to board the aircraft with products purchased at the duty-free shop in the departure area. These products can board as carry-on luggage as long as they are in a bag sealed by the shop and have an invoice. 

What is baggage claim?
It is the process of removing bags from the baggage carousels in the airport arrivals area. Upon arrival at your destination, the airline will place your luggage on the carousels.

What should I do if my luggage is lost?
If your baggage is lost, notify the airline immediately.

For more information about baggage, see https://www.gov.br/Anac/pt-br/assuntos/passageiros/bagagem

To know more about permitted and prohibited items, see https://www.anac.gov.br/assuntos/passageiros/o-que-posso-transportar

What time do I need to arrive at the airport?
Contact your airline to know how long before the flight you need to be at the airport.

When can I access the departure area?
After clearance by the Federal Police, passengers can access the departure area four hours before the flight. Make sure to check boarding and departure times and your seat number on your ticket. Look for you gate number on the flight information displays at the airport.

Can I travel with my medication?
You can travel with your medicines, but they may be subject to different screening procedures. If the medicine container is less than 100ml, there are no restrictions. If there is more than 100ml, it may be allowed under the following conditions: you must have a medical prescription for it (hardcopy or digital); you can carry with you only the necessary quantity for the flight (including stopovers); and you must inform the officer about it at the start of the security check process.

Do I need to be vaccinated before traveling?
It is important to always keep your vaccination schedule up to date. Make sure to check if the destination country requires any specific type of vaccine.

Can I bring plant and animal products?
There are some restrictions on bringing food from foreign countries. To know more about which items are permitted and prohibited, see https://www.gov.br/agricultura/pt-br/assuntos/vigilancia-agropecuaria/viajantes-e-bagagens

What is Customs?
It is the control of goods entering and exiting the country, and it is performed by the Federal Revenue Service. All international flight passengers are subject to customs control, both when they leave and arrive at the country. 

What is the maximum purchase value at the duty-free shop?
Maximum purchase value is limited to US$1,000 or the equivalent in another currency.

Can I travel with my pet?
Pets are allowed on flights, but travelers should always contact the airline to check its pet travel conditions. Depending on your pet’s size, it can fly in the aicraft cabin. If it is large, you pet will travel in aircraft hold. In addition to the airline’s rules, passengers are advised to contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply to know more about pet travel requirements. Conditions may be different for domestic and international flights.

Are passengers allowed to travel with a guide dog?
Guide dogs travel together with their owners inside the aircraft cabin. However, passengers must check what the health requirements for pets are in both domestic and international destinations before travelling.

What documents do I need to travel with my pet?
If you are flying domestic with a cat or a dog, you will need a health certificate for your pet issued by a veterinarian registered with the Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine. In the case of other animals, you will need a GTA (Animal Transit Guide), issued by a veterinarian authorized by Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply or the relevant health/sanitation agency. 

For more details, please contact your airline.

The official currency of Brazil is the Real. The Real is the 16th most traded currency in the world, the second most traded currency in Latin America, and the fourth in the Americas. There are banknotes of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Reals and coins of 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00. 

Voltage varies across different regions in Brazil. In Porto Alegre, the official supply voltage is 110V. However, in some places is can be 220V, such as the airport, where all power outlets are 220V, as well as other tourist attractions and hotels. There is a Brazilian standard for plugs and outlets. Plugs have two or three round pins and outlets have three holes.

We offer free wi-fi across the entire Passenger Terminal. To connect to our wi-fi network, please turn on wi-fi on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and choose the “.POA Airport Free” network. No registration is required.

Why do I need to walk through a metal detector?
Airport security check procedures are mandatory and in accordance with current legislation. All passengers, except those who have implants, must walk through a metal detector before boarding.

What should I do before walking through a metal detector?
Before walking through a metal detector, all passengers must remove metal objects such as belts, coins, watches, keys, mobile phones, buckles etc. To speed up the process, put your belongings in your backpack and/or purse.

What should I do if the metal detector goes off even after I remove these items?
If the sound alarm goes off, the passenger must be inspected with a handheld metal detector. 

Will my luggage also be screened with an x-ray machine?
Carry-on luggage must also be screened and, if prohibited items are detected, they will have to be disposed of.

Is random security screening mandatory?
According to the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency regulations, any passenger is subject to random screening. If you are selected, your cooperation is important to ensure that security procedures are followed. Please make sure to promply follow the security staff’s instructions.

Precautions for a safe flight
For the safety of passengers and crew, some rules and guidelines must be observed:

  • Smoking on aircraft, including in the lavatories, and tampering or attempting to tamper with lavatory smoke detectors is prohibited. Passengers who violate such rule are liable for a crime provided for in article 261 of the Brazilian Criminal Code, which provides for a sentence of two to five years in prison for anyone who exposes an aircraft to danger.
  • Electronic devices may only be used on airplanes as allowed by the airline, under the conditions establish by it. Some electronic devices can be used onboard, such as laptops and mobile phones, except during takeoff and landing.

Security procedures
Some actions can be taken by the pilot if necessary:

  • Go-around: procedure carried out when the pilot believes that conditions for landing are not fully favorable and decides to make a new approach.
  • Delayed landing and take-off: for safety reasons, take-off or landing may need to be delayed for a few minutes.
  • Storms and turbulence areas: passengers must remain seated with their seat belt fastened, especially when the seat belt light is on, and follow the instructions given by the crew. If you are in the lavatory or aisle, you must return to your seat immediately. During a turbulence, in-flight service is interrupted.
  • Airport closures: the airport never closes. However, when weather or operational conditions are not suitable, landings and take-offs may be temporarily suspended or cancelled. In such cases, flights landing or taking off from that airport may be diverted to others or remain on hold. If you are in that situation, you can monitor flight information on https://portoalegre-airport.com.br/pt/viajar/painel-de-voos-horarios-aeroporto-salgado-filho-porto-alegre.
  • On-board assistance: in the event of an in-flight medical emergency, make sure to inform the crew. Appropriate measures will be taken, such as requiring medical assistance at the destination. Depending on the case, the flight may be diverted to a different destination.

There has been a problem and I believe my rights have been violated. What should I do?
When you purchase a ticket, you enter into a contract with the airline and, therefore, some obligations arise.
If you feel harmed or if your rights are violated, you should first contact the airline to claim your rights as a customer. If your attempts to solve the problem directly with the airline fail to succeed, you can access the federal government’s conflict-resolution platform: www.consumidor.gov.br.

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