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Curbside Access

To improve the organization of the curbside and offer more comfort to those arriving or leaving the airport, a new system for the access of vehicle was implemented, which is a reference in international airports.

What will the new vehicular access to the airport curbside look like?

  • There will be barriers on the entrance and exit accesses.
  • When approaching the airport site, the driver must follow the right lane to go to the check-in level or the left lane to go to the arrivals level. When passing through the gate, it’s possible to go directly to one of the parking lots or to go to the curbside, where there will be 10 minutes for pick-up or drop off.
  • If the tolerance time is exceeded, there will be the charge of BRL 20 for every extra 10 minutes.
  • To avoid the charge, when realizing that it will be necessary more than 10 minutes, the driver can go to one of the parking lots and use the same ticket that he took at the entrance gate to the airport site. This way, the charge will correspond only to the time spent in the parking lot. The same ticket must be used at the parking lot exit gate and at the airport exit gate.
  • Tourist buses, tourist vans and intercity buses must enter through the gate and go to the Bus Station, using the same ticket. Click here for more information.
  • Accredited taxis, car rental vans (Localiza and Movida), municipal buses and authorities must enter through the gate system and go to the spaces marked on the curbside.
  • Fraport Brasil employees who use the parking lots or people who pay Estapar monthly do not need to pick up the ticket at the entrance gate to the airport site. They must use their own parking card.
  • People with disabilities who need more than the 10-minute grace period allowed for pick-up and drop-off at the curbside of the Passenger Terminal should send an email to ouvidoriapoa@fraport-brasil.com with the following subject: “PCD – utilização meio-fio” (or “Person with disability - curbside access”), containing: full name, travel date, flight number, flight time, airline, valid copy of the person with disability certificate, as provided for in Law No. 13.146/15, and a signed copy of the LGPD Consent Form. This information must be submitted at least 72 business hours in advance of the flight date.


Frequently asked questions

1. I have a parking space pre-booking QR Code (Estapar Reserva). How do I use it?

The system will continue to work normally. Bring the QR Code close to the reader at the airport entrance gate and again at the gate of the parking lot for which it was purchased. Repeat the same steps to exit: first read the QR Code at the parking lot exit gate and then at the airport exit.

2. I use the parking space pre-booking system (Estapar Reserva). Will I be charged twice with the new system?

After going through the airport entrance gate, customers will have up to 10 minutes to pick up/drop off passengers or go to the parking lot. Customers using a QR Code to enter the parking lot must use the same code to enter and exit the airport/parking lot gate. Customers who exceed the 10-minute period and fail to access the parking lot will be charged for the additional time.

3. Will the parking space pre-booking system (Estapar Reserva) continue to be offered on the Estapar app?

The Estapar Reserva service will continue to be available on the Estapar website and the Vaga Inteligente app.

4. Can I access the parking lots from any of the airport entrance gates?

You can access the parking lots from any of the entrance gates. However, for greater convenience, we recommend using the level 1 access (Arrivals).

5. Where can tour buses park to pick up or drop off passengers?

Buses and vans must park at the Porto Alegre Airport Bus Station. We recommend accessing the station directly from the Severus Dullius Avenue.

6. With the 10-minute tolerance period, how can I pick up or drop off passengers with disabilities?

The curbside at the Passenger Terminal has 43 spaces in the Departures sector (level 2) and 39 spaces in the Arrivals sector (level 1). They include general-use spaces and designated spaces for people with disabilities and the elderly. The curbside should only be used for picking up or dropping off passengers (within the 10-minute tolerance period), and not for parking vehicles. In case you need to use the parking lots, you will find designated spaces for people with disabilities there too.