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Procon Turista – Protection for foreign tourists at Procons

Procon RS, in coordination with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), presents the Procon Turista project - Protection for foreign tourists at Procons. The goal is to expand the protection service to all consumers, beyond the population of the state.
The initiative aims to extend support to foreign tourists who remain temporarily on the state. The service will diagnose the problems of consumption, in an attempt to solve them through face-to-face and electronic attendance. In this first moment, the project takes advantage of Copa America in the capital city to develop the actions. After the event, the intention is to make the project permanent by taking it to other regions and municipal Procons.

Besides the attendance and attempt to solve the demands brought by tourists, it is possible to create a database by mapping the use of products and services by visitors.

Learn more about the action on the Procon RS website