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Porto Alegre Airport supports social and cultural projects

Porto Alegre Airport, managed by Fraport Brasil, encourages cultural and social activities because it believes in their transformative power. Through the Rouanet Act and the Sports Promotion Act, the company sponsors social and cultural projects that also promote inclusion.

This year, the company will participate in its first event, the 26th Porto Alegre em Cena Festival, one of the greatest and most important artistic movements in South America. The festival will take place from September 10 to 22. The company will also support the Children's Theater Festival, which will be held from October 8 to 13, and the Spring Festival on October 5, 19 and 26. All these activities are promoted by the São Pedro Theater. To further support cultural events, the company is now the official sponsor of Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (OSPA).

Additionally, in the field of sports, through the Sports Promotion Act, Porto Alegre Airport became the official sponsor of the Gaúcha Futsal Association for the Blind (AGAFUC).

This movement strengthens Porto Alegre Airport's bonds and commitment to the Rio Grande do Sul community.