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Operational test for Copa America takes place at Porto Alegre Airport

Federal Police, Civil Police, Military Brigade, PRF, Federal Revenue Service, Vigiagro, ANVISA, ANAC, DECEA/FAB, EPTC and Fraport promoted on Thursday (June, 13th) the fourth edition of “Safe Airport Operation” in preparation for the arrival of national and foreign tourists, authorities and delegations that will visit Porto Alegre due to Copa América (from June, 14th to July, 7th). During the morning, Porto Alegre Airport hosted the press conference that presented the actions.

The event was aimed at coordinating and integrating the actions of institutions that perform strategic functions in and around the airport, with the purpose of executing protocols for security, immigration, customs control, agricultural and sanitary surveillance, air traffic, assistance to tourists, monitoring of internal and external facilities, as well as traffic control in the region.