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Face masks to be mandatory at airports and on airplanes

According to Resolution 761 of the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), face masks will become mandatory at airport terminals, transport vehicles and other airport facilities as of November 25, 2022.

Face masks will be required on the air side (past the security checkpoints), i.e. aircraft movement areas, controlled-access areas for employees and authorized vehicles, concourses, air side commercial establishments, aprons, and transport vehicles.

The requirement does not apply to individuals with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, sensory disabilities or any other disability that prevents them from wearing face masks appropriately, as proven by a medical certificate, which can be obtained digitally.

Certain face masks are not allowed: acrylic or plastic masks; masks with exhalation valves, including N95 and PFF2 masks; fabric tissues, bandanas or any other material that is not a face mask for medical or non-medical use; face shields alone; single-layer non-medical masks that do not meet the minimum requirements provided for in ABNT PR 1002 - Guide on basic requirements for trial, manufacture and use methods.