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New International Cargo Terminal

The International Cargo Terminal of the Porto Alegre Airport has a new address. The new new equipment, in addition to offering more comfort and agility to customers, expands processing capacity and types of cargo. The building also has large spaces for offices, as well as meeting and training rooms. Import and export operations at the new facilities run on a 24/7 basis.

Imports warehouse: 3.398 m²
Exports warehouse: 3.012 m²
Cold storage facilities: 388 m²
Restricted cargo warehouse: 300 m²
Vertical storage positions: 1.568
Main types of cargo: metalworking inputs, electronics, tools, medications, textile products, leather, machines and equipment, perishable goods, automotive products, polymers, live animals, agricultural and livestock products, hospital products, foods, and all classes of dangerous goods.

Special features of the new complex will include:

  • 11 spaces for renting (check availability) 
  • 17 docks (3.45 m x 25.00 m)
  • 10 truck waiting spaces (3.45 m x 25.00 m)
  • 587 parking spaces


Avenida Severo Dullius, 800, São João - access through the second roundabout after the Passenger Terminal.


Are you interested in the spaces? They are available for rental.
Contact: Letícia Fiel
+55 (51) 99981-9913


Click here to know the new International TECA.


The complex encompasses the National Cargo Terminal as well, managed by Azul Cargo, GOLLOG and Latam Cargo. This terminal receives domestic goods in a 2,516 sq m area. Each airline has their own opening hours, which can be accessed on their websites.