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The RelPrev – Relatório de Prevenção, the portuguese term for Aviation Safety Reports (ASR), works as an accident prevention resource when filed by the operational area personnel. According to the Brazilian rules, the report aims to improve the airside safety.

Each record must be based on personal experiences that may lead to a future accident or incident avoidance, as well as adequate mitigation measures. The collected data are treated in a confidential, non-punitive way and used exclusively by the Safety Department of Porto Alegre Airport. In the event of personal and contact identification content within the document, the author shall be informed about the proper measures to be taken.

RelPrev is the main tool for hazard identification and risk assessment at the airport.

The inclusion of your personal data is not mandatory. If you want to identify yourself, your data will be used to control reports on situations with potential risk to the operational safety of civil aviation, as well to give you a return if it´s possible. By identifying yourself, you´re giving your consent for Fraport Brasil to do the necessary arrangements.

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