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Porto Alegre Airport install thermal camera for temperature measurement

Fraport Brasil – Porto Alegre has now a great ally in the fight against the Coronavirus. On July 30th, a thermal camera was installed to measure passengers’ temperature at Porto Alegre Airport. The tool was installed near the domestic departure area, just before the BCBP (Bar Coded Boarding Pass) scanners. The camera has a sensor that converts the infrared radiation emitted by the human body into an image. It can measure the temperature of 500 people in three minutes. The technology is safe and poses no risk to health.

The equipment is a new addition to the other Coronavirus prevention and awareness initiatives promoted by Fraport Brasil – Porto Alegre. Besides the usual cleaning and sanitation routine, which was stepped up since the beginning of the pandemic, complementary actions have been taken by the airport administrator. Signs emphasizing the Brazilian health authorities’ recommendations, such as the use of masks and safe distance markers have been posted. Additionally, sound and video warnings about Covid-19 prevention and symptoms are being broadcast throughout the Terminal. Hand sanitizers have also been made available in busy areas. The Company has also disinfected all areas of the airport in a partnership with the Brazilian Army.

Also, it is very important to emphasize that every 3 minutes 99.7% of the air particles circulating in aircraft cabins are filtered by a system called HEPA air filter, which prevents the spread of the Coronavirus during air travels. Therefore, flying is much safer than travelling by bus or staying in a poorly ventilated room. We are prepared to offer a clean and safe environment for everyone. All of these actions aim to provide a clean, well-signposted environment to support passengers in their decision to fly safely.