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Cargo terminal

The Porto Alegre Airport Cargo Terminal receives domestic and international goods. The International Cargo Terminal receives goods and imports and ships exports on a 24/7 basis. The main products circulating in the International Cargo Terminal are machinery and agribusiness products, electromechanic equipment, footwear, automotive and mechanic metal parts.

Runway length: 2.280m 
Imports warehouse: 2.844 m²
Exports warehouse: 2.469 m² 
Cold storage facilities: 273,6 m³
Restricted cargo warehouse: 59,16 m²
Abandoned cargo - Federal Revenue Service: 80 m²

The complex encompasses the National Cargo Terminal as well, managed by Avianca Cargo, Azul Cargo, GOLLOG and Latam Cargo. This terminal receives domestic goods in a 2,516 sq m area. Each airline has their own opening hours, which can be accessed on their websites.