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About the Airport

Porto Alegre is strategically located in Brazil. The airport is a hub for flights arriving at the southern region of Brazil and plays a fundamental role in the integration between South American countries.

In 1951, the São João Aerodrome was renamed Salgado Filho International Airport after the politician born in the State of Rio Grande do Sul who was Minister of Labor and Minister of Airforce. The new Terminal of the Salgado Filho International Airport was opened in 2001.

In March 2017, in the fourth round of concessions of Brazilian airports, the Federal Government granted the concession of the Salgado Filho International Airport to Fraport AG.

Passengers with special needs

Passengers with special needs are those who have some type of disability; who are 60 years-old or older; pregnant women; breastfeeding women; passengers travelling with infants; passengers with reduced mobility; or any other person who, for any specific condition, has limited autonomy. Such passengers are entitled to special assistance.

In compliance with Resolution 280/2013, passengers with special needs must:

  • Inform the airline about the assistance they will need when they purchase the ticket.
  • Inform the airline about the need of an attendant no later than 72 hours before the scheduled departure time.

For more information, access ANAC’s Resolution 280.